Welcome to my site!

There are 6 places to go from here, all as equally interesting as the last.  If I might make a recommendation though, you should head for the art first, as it's probably why you originally came here.

The fiction would be next, because everyone knows that I am enough of an egomaniac to write fiction and think people will want to read it, even though most of it is unfinished and in dire need of an editor.

My biography page might interest you as well, if you're wanting to know a little more about me, and just why I'm as weird as I am.  Though for the very very curious, there's also my journal, which features such niftiness as me angsting about my job and suchlike.

There is also the Gothcam, which shows me sitting in front of my computer, sometimes eating, sometimes typing, sometimes in make up, and sometimes not at all!

Finally, there is my fiend ChocoZell's artwork, which is quite nice and nifty.