My artwork is generally anime in style, and tends to verge on the weird.  Though I've put a lot up here, it is by no means everything I've done, just a good sampling of it, to show what I can do, what I like, and the different styles I can draw in.

I use Paint Shop Pro, Painter, and Photoshop on my colored artwork, and water colors and acrylic paint on my miniatures.  Sometimes I will use a reference for my art, but often it is just straight from my head.  No, I don't often draw men.

There are some pictures here that contain sex, nudity, or violence.  If you offended by these things, do not click on those links.  If you do click on them, and are offended, do not tell me, because I will not care.

I do take commissions, but you will have to contact me on price.  It varies between pencil sketch, inked drawing, colored on computer, colored via paint or pencils, and cel painted on a transparency.



























Colored by me, drawn by someone else: