Name:  Drea O'Dare
Age: 26
Birthdate:  August 3rd, 1977
Eyes: Blue & Silver
Hair:  Varies monthly, currently black
Blood Type:  A+
Favorite Anime:  Trigun
Favorite Animal:  Raccoon 
Weapon of Choice:  P260 (smaller size than the P220)
Favorite Role Playing System:  World of Darkness
Favorite RP Characters:  Elisa "Page" Liu, of Cyber Generation, and Angel "Just shoot it!" Devueat of Mage, a Euthanatos
Favorite Pizza:  Broccoli & Mushrooms
Favorite Food:  Applesauce
Biggest Dislike: Lies
Biggest Like:  My Fiends (friends, for people who don't get the joke)
Current Marital Status:  Single
Favorite Movie:  Mary Poppins (shortly followed by Roman Holiday)
Favorite Childhood Story:  Alice in Wonderland

Years spent on the Internet:  8
Years spent deleting Spam:  6
Favorite Bands:  U2, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Doors, This Mortal Coil, Soup Dragons, The Monkees, Beatles, Violent Femmes, White Zombies, ZZ Top, Johnny Cash, Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday...I like music.  Period
Favorite Weird Band: 
They Might Be Giants
Favorite Extremely Weird Band That No One Else Listens To: 
Southern Culture on the Skids
Descended From: 
French and Cherokee



My name is Drea, and I'm now a quarter century in age.  I guess that most people don't mark their age in terms of how far they've whittled down a hundred years, but as it's my driving goal to outlive all the people I hate, so I figure a century is a good point of time to give up the whole breathing thing.  What can I say?  Some of 'em are young buggers.

I'm short, prone to eating too much, and I have a rather eclectic sense of dressing these days.  Different colored hair, baggy pants (weight loss is a bitch.  Period), sandals, and lately I've developed something of a tan due to too much pool time - that is to say, I am now slightly off white, rather than blue white.  With freckles.  Couldn't you just gag?

Recent hobbies include walking the dog, annoying my neighbor, and modding my computer, with the always present writing and drawing rounding out my list o' mad skillz.  I am currently in Lexington, Kentucky, though it wasn't by choice.  I grew up here, but that doesn't mean I want to waste my life here.

I began carrying around gum in a vintage cigarette case last year, and have found it immensely convenient.  I recommend it to anyone who wonders "How can I carry around gum without a purse but not have some stupid ass looking bulge coming out of my pocket?"  I got the idea from Johnny Dangerously, a movie that most people who visit my page remember.  It was in the 80s.  But then, most of the good stuff was.

My cat survived the move across country (her second!) with flying colors.  She is acclimating to the household here well, and has begun bullying the dog and other cat as if she were born into it.  I am very proud of Giest, even though I suspect she is both illiterate and putting tangles in my hair while I sleep.  But no one's perfect, non?  Speaking of hair, I got ten inches cut off last year, while visiting family in Minnesota, which I donated to the Locks of Love charity, which makes hair pieces for kids who have lost their hair due to the mucho hard treatments used to cure cancer.  I highly recommend it.  They also take monetary donations, if you don't want to give up your long hair.  It has almost all grown back now, and is once again annoying me.  Look for me to be getting a haircut soon.

I am speaking again to my father, as for the first time on 25 years of me being on this earth, he managed to remember my birthday.  He is looking very old and feeling his mortality,  which makes me sad sometimes that I missed some of the years we could have had when I was so angry at him - but then, it was not me who forgot my only child's birthday for over two decades.

I still have no patience for falsehood.  Say one thing and mean it, or don't say it at all.  Tell the bloody truth or keep your mouth shut around me.  I'd make a horrible politician - I'm blunt, don't much care who it hurts, and I rarely apologize for telling the truth.  Me trying to smooth something over sounds exactly like what it is - me pacifying you.  And one more thing - pudgy women rule.  Just all around.  Not to say that skinny women can't be nifty, but not everyone touts the virtues of a slim physique.

As you can see from the text way up above, I am once more single, having split with Chris when he moved to Ireland, in a rather painful fashion that I will not discuss further.  Needless to say, though, I am no longer strapped to the wall by the bonds of impending marriage, but I am not looking to get myself tangled up in blue again any time soon.  Sometimes, a girl just needs a breather.

My journal is not viewable to all, regardless of just how much people want to read it (surprisingly, lots of people are.  Go figure).  I tend to just go on and on and on in it with little regard as to how what I might say will effect people.  Sometimes people get hurt, even when I don't mean for them to, but since that's the way life works, there's little point in going there if you think you might be offended or shocked by something I'll say about you.  So far I have lost one friend due to it, but gained another who I really pissed off in it.  Life is funny.  Sometimes, it shows you who the PSYCHOS are.

I am selling things on ebay.  Some of them are cool, some of them are not.  Heh.

And lastly...French toast.  That is all.